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People tend to become cut off from the rest of the world and glued to their game screens while playing video games. Not even children and youngsters yet grown-ups are likewise seen to be fixated on computer games. You fall in love with the video game accessories, costumes, posters, and most importantly, the video game swords featured in them as a video game fan. A gamer’s life is centered on video games and related activities. You’ve probably seen people become so enamored with a video game that they buy everything related to it as soon as they see them on the market. Right? Knives Deal brings you the most impressively designed video game swords that will blow your mind if you are one of those fans.

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Devil May Cry Red Queen Sword of Nero with Display Stand

This is the Sword of Nero. With its satin finish 440 stainless steel, this Devil May Cry sword sports a massive 39 inch non sharp blade. The very detailed elongated guard features every design seen on the sword carried by Nero; from the thorn vines to the design guard. The guard also features an extra throttle piece. The red nylon warp handle will feel great in your hands. This massive beast comes equipped with a brown wooden table top stand.

32″ Foam Video Game Key Cosplay Sword – Shooting Star

This piece is constructed of polyurethane foam and is hand painted. The sword is great for costumes and conventions.

Exceptional Video Game Swords For Sale

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