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Wholesale Motorcycle Jeans For Men

Wholesale Men Motorcycle Jeans for men who love style and comfort – made of single-layer WholesaleOffers® or stretch Cordura denim with lining. Protective motorcycle apparel that’s safe, comfortable, and sleek.

Motorcycle Riding Jeans

Easy-fit: Designed to wear over a traditional high motorcycle boot.
Slim-fit: Designed to wear with a contemporary ankle motorcycle boot or inside a traditional higher boot.

Our standard jeans are constructed exactly the same and to the same standards as the versions. The only difference is the B rated jeans do not include hip and knee impact armor.

An explosion in material technology has meant the armored motorbike jean is a must for every rider. Aramid, Cordura Denim, all materials that will save your skin. Combined with slimline armor and the humble jean can keep you safe in the worst weather even at motorway speeds.




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Wholesale Motorcycle Jeans For Men

We demonstrated that far from being tougher than leathers – or a pair of Our Jeans – their abrasion resistance is in some cases so disappointingly low it is no better than a pair of shop-bought denims, and certainly not the robustness and safety that should be synonymous with motorcycle riding jeans.

Our customers use and trust their Jeans for all types of rides, on the open road and at motorway speeds, not just for urban rides around town. We honestly feel we cannot put that trust, our reputation, and most importantly our customer’s safety at risk by placing our name on a product that we don’t have complete confidence in.

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Men’s Slim-fit Motorcycle Jeans

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Wholesale Motorcycle Jeans​

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