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The Best Wholesale Vendors And Suppliers In 2023

Depending on whether you’re looking for wholesale vendors, this piece will describe where to find them.

  • Promote drop-shipped goods
  • Offer products in bulk
  • Provide private-label goods

Here’s my opinion on how to identify wholesale suppliers and vendors for your internet business based on my experience managing my seven-figure e-commerce store.

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Worldwide Brands

A list of dropshipping wholesalers in the US can be found at Global Brands. The marketplace offers more than 16 million products, including fashion, consumer electronics, cosmetics, office supplies, and more.

The majority of the suppliers are located in the United States or Canada, and access to the list requires a one-time membership. In the past, I’ve personally used Global Brands to locate nimbly small business wholesale suppliers to bolster our inventory for deficient categories.


SaleHoo is a list of dropshippers and wholesale suppliers that serves customers worldwide. Because of this, many of the wholesale vendors on SaleHoo are from other countries. SaleHoo, a New Zealand-based company, has more than 8000 reliable dropshipping suppliers and sells more than 2.5 million unique products and brands in a range of markets, including consumer electronics, cosmetics, pet supplies, and more.

Every supplier in SaleHoo’s directory has been pre-vetted and provided with the most recent information, giving you immediate access to a huge selection of goods that you may dropship on your store. The one-time access cost for Salehoo is $127. As an alternative, you can join for $67 annually.


On Doba, you may source products for your e-commerce business from thousands of dropshipping sellers. Doba also handles all of your ordering and fulfillment tasks once you’ve found a wholesale supplier.

This is how it goes.

  • On Doba, you discover goods that you want to sell.
  • You include these items in your online shop.
  • Doba immediately forwards your order to the dropship supplier who completes it when you receive an order.

To put it simply, Doba serves as a conduit to a sizable network of wholesalers who will drop ship on your behalf. The primary drawback is that Doba conceals the identity of your providers, so you will never know who they are in reality. The monthly pricing for Doba ranges from $24.99 to $299 per month, depending on the plan you select.


A list of wholesalers willing to dropship on your behalf can be found on Spocket. The majority of the vendors on their site are from the US or the EU, and the quality of the goods is excellent. You can quickly add anything you see on Spocket to your Shopify store by using their app.

When an order is placed, Spocket receives it electronically and handles inventory control and order fulfillment. Using Spocket has just one drawback: their product range is smaller than that of the other wholesale supplier directories on this list. Depending on how many products you sell, Spocket charges a membership fee that ranges.

How To Find The Best Wholesale Vendors In The US

Searching online for the manufacturer of the goods you wish to sell, visiting their website, and discovering who their wholesale distributors are will help you identify a small business wholesale supplier in the US. Smaller businesses often sell to you directly because they don’t have distributors. The average wholesale discount is between 30 and 50 percent off MRP. Also, the minimum order amount might be as little as $100 depending on the product and brand.

DataAxle (Aka. Reference USA)

To locate wholesale suppliers and factories in the US, use ReferenceUSA, a database of every legally operating firm in the country. The best thing is that it is completely free.

The sole restriction is that you can only use ReferenceUSA at your local library, however, most libraries provide the service.

ReferenceUSA can be used to locate wholesale suppliers as well as other things.

  • Find any kind of retail business
  • executives in business research
  • To make your products, locate factories.


ThomasNet is a US supplier database that may be searched for industrial and commercial businesses. ThomasNet is a great resource if you have a product that you wish to produce in the US.

Every wholesale supplier listed on ThomasNet has complete information about them, including their size, annual sales, product details, certifications, and more. You can email the site, request a quote, or go to the supplier’s website for free.

Wholesale Central

A list of US wholesale businesses and trade exhibitions can be found in the wholesale directory known as Wholesale Central. Attending a nearby trade fair is the ideal approach to find and meeting with several wholesale vendors in a short amount of time.

You may select a convention to attend that is focused on your industry by using Wholesale Central, which groups every show by product type. Trade exhibitions are where you may find the greatest wholesale suppliers because they have been screened and have the money to put in a booth. If you have the time and reside close to a big city, you should definitely check out a trade expo. For the majority of exhibitions, entrance is only required for sellers.

How To Find The Best Wholesale Vendors From China

Due to the lower labor costs, most products are now produced in China and other Asian countries. The usual rule of thumb is that you won’t receive the greatest pricing for your products if you purchase from a vendor in the United States (at least for textiles). The easiest option to get the most affordable costs is to import from China or buy directly from the manufacturer.


Alibaba is an online database of wholesale suppliers where you may look for manufacturers to produce your own private-label goods. The majority of Alibaba’s sellers are eager to produce goods with your brand and label and to your exact demands. This is the most effective web resource for finding private label producers as a result.

Alibaba allows you to:

  • Purchase Goods At Cheap Costs – Because labor is cheap in Asia, you can have margins of 66% or higher.
  • Discover Hundreds Of Suppliers – Alibaba is the world’s biggest supplier database for Asian factories.
  • Make Your Own Brand – Most factories will allow you to brand the goods you purchase.
  • Design Custom Products: You can collaborate with factories on Alibaba to produce your own unique goods.

Alibaba also verifies all of its manufacturers and gives you helpful information so you can identify the top suppliers quickly.

You may quickly get in touch with a Chinese supplier directly and request prices, minimum order quantities, and lead times with just a click. The nicest aspect is that amazing suppliers can be found without having to go to Asia.

Global Sources

Global Sources is a wholesale supplier list of Asian manufacturers, much to Wholesale Offers. However, are a lot smaller and have different advantages than Wholesale Offers. Global Sources is by far the superior service if you need to source electronics. In fact, because Global Sources rigorously scrutinizes their suppliers, you will typically find higher-quality merchants there.

On the other hand, the sellers on Global Sources are more seasoned and favor doing business with organizations with larger purchasing power. As a result, Global Sources’ minimum order quantities are typically higher than Alibaba’s. Generally, Wholesale Offers have a considerably wider range of sellers, but they are frequently of varying quality and validity.

Canton Fair

Thousands of wholesale customers and suppliers visit the Canton Fair, one of the biggest sourcing events in the world. The Canton Fair, which takes place in GuangZhou, China twice a year, brings wholesalers from all over the world who make almost every kind of goods.

The program is divided into three phases due to its size.

  • Phase 1: Home electrical appliances, machinery, lights, hardware and tools, automobiles and spare parts, construction supplies, and chemical products make up Phase 1.
  • Phase 2: Consumption of goods, home decor items, and presents.
  • Phase 3 includes textiles and apparel, footwear, office supplies, cases and bags, leisure goods, medications, medical equipment, and health products.

Every year, the Canton Fair is free to attend and takes place in April and October. There are also opportunities for attending the Canton Fair virtually because of the pandemic. I strongly advise going in person if you have the means to. Although locating and contacting vendors through Alibaba and Global Sources is very simple, the procedure is incredibly sluggish and difficult.

You must have individual samples shipped back and forth from Asia. There is also a significant communication lag due to the inefficiency of sending emails. You just have a brief window of time each day to converse when the time difference is taken into account.

You may easily cover hundreds of merchants in the course of just a few days at the Canton Fair because there are so many different sellers who congregate there and bring their goods with them. There isn’t any back and forth or waiting.  You are not required to have samples manufactured and delivered abroad. Everything is immediately available to you.

Jungle Scout Supplier Database

Although the vendor reviews on Alibaba and Global Sources are useful for assessing potential vendors, spying on who your rivals are using is an even faster way to evaluate great providers. In fact, by using the Jungle Scout supplier database, you may effortlessly steal bulk suppliers from your rivals.

A supplier database is what?

Every maritime container that enters the country must pass through customs before it is permitted to enter the country. Also, each shipment is meticulously recorded during this process in the US customs database. You can easily view the shipments for each business that imports goods into the United States by sea using a supplier database tool, which makes all of this information available to the public without charge.

You can quickly identify North Face’s supplier from this document, along with the volume and weight of their shipment. This knowledge is highly potent! The Jungle Scout Supplier Database is my preferred supplier database application.

You may easily discover the top suppliers your rivals are using for a modest cost! Here is a video demonstration I made showing how to find vendors using the Jungle Scout supplier database.

Best Wholesale Vendors By Product Type

Finding a wholesale supplier who specializes in your particular product niche is usually preferable depending on what you sell. The top wholesale suppliers are listed below, organized by category of product.

Best Wholesale Jewelry Vendors

Etsy: You may find wholesale jewelry wholesalers and dealers on this internet market. Despite the fact that Etsy is known for its handmade goods, you can buy rings, earrings, charms, chains, pendants, and other jewelry-making supplies in large quantities.

Alibaba: Alibaba is a directory of wholesale suppliers where you may buy a variety of jewelry items straight from the manufacturer. To inquire about minimum purchase quantities and pricing, you can get in touch with the supplier directly through the Alibaba website.

Pinktown: A large selection of jewelry, including western, religious, and designer-inspired pieces, is offered by this wholesaler in the US. Retailers and online merchants can dropship their products through Pinktown as well.

DHGate: If you’re looking to buy and drop-ship wholesale jewelry items from China, DHgate is an excellent option. For wholesale shoppers from all around the world, DHgate offers a wide selection of jewelry categories for every style and material.

Ruby Imports: Ruby Imports is a supplier of jewelry with a significant selection of trendy jewelry and accessories. Customers can shop for discounted items by color, design, and material.

Best Women Wholesale Clothing Vendors

If you’re launching an online clothes store, have a look at these women’s clothing wholesalers.

  • Wholesale Fashion Square: Based in Los Angeles, California, WholesaleFashionSquare.com is a marketplace for wholesale apparel manufacturers and importers. The majority of their products are available in packs of 6, and they have very affordable prices.
  • LA Show Room: LAShowRoom.com also provides a broad range of apparel from international designers, producers, and wholesalers. Every week, more products are added.
  • Tasha Apparel: Based in Los Angeles, Tasha Apparel sells wholesale women’s clothing and accessories that are currently in style. In addition, they offer dropshipping for their single-piece and packaged goods.
  • En Creme: is a wholesale apparel supplier that provides fashionable dresses, rompers, shirts, sweaters, and other items at reasonable prices. EnCreme is a wholesaler of modern and boho apparel with a location in downtown Los Angeles.
  • Lush Apparel: is a Los Angeles-based company that offers wholesale clothing for every season. Including casual, formal, flirty, and fun items. To make a purchase from Lush Clothes, you must have a seller’s permit.
  • Hailey & Co: is a wholesale store that specializes in fashionable, modern women’s clothing.
  • Tyche. Tyche is a Los Angeles-based wholesale apparel company. Wants to transform every woman into a stylish, happy California girl by offering lovely items at reasonable pricing.

Best Mens Wholesale Clothing Vendors

Listed below are some of the top wholesalers of men’s clothing:

  • Vustra: Vustra offers comfortable, long-lasting, and stylish sustainable apparel for men. Located in San Jose, California, Vustra sells wholesale and ships its tees, sockets, and shirts around the world.
  • Find Your Coast: is a wholesale clothing company that focuses on comfortable casual gear like surf wear, swimwear, and more.
  • Solid Threads: They take pleasure in their hand-made and ethically sourced t-shirts, which are popular with people of all ages, genders, and hobbies.
  • Spiritex: Spiritex is a company that specialised in apparel made from US-grown organic cotton. Spiritex serves US wholesale customers.
  • Denim Manufacturing: produces all of its own denim and focuses on private label and wholesale jeans, jackets, and other tailored denim products.

Best Kids Wholesale Clothing Vendors

The best options for wholesalers specializing in children’s clothing are as follows:

  • Orcas Lucille: is a wholesale clothing provider with a focus on children’s clothing, including rompers, blouses, knitwear, and swimwear.
  • Bailey’s Blossoms: In addition to selling stylish accessories, Bailey’s Blossoms also sells newborn and toddler apparel. From Rhome, Texas, all designs are created and dispatched.
  • Little Threads: Little Threads carries gorgeous rompers and dresses for infants and kids, as well as everyday and formal attire. Low minimums apply when ordering wholesale for all of their clothing.
  • Laree + Co.: Laree + Co. offers adorable and luxuriously soft kid’s gowns, pajamas, and accessories. They leave Fort Scott, Kansas, to ship.
  • Flap Happy: creates practical and safe children’s clothing for outdoor activities and play. On its website, Flap Happy accepts bulk orders from businesses and the majority of their items provide sun protection.
  • Note from the editor: If you reside in California, check out my post on where to find clothes retailers in the LA Fashion District. For a comprehensive list of wholesale apparel suppliers, you can also read this article.

Best Wholesale Print On Demand Vendors

The top 5 wholesale providers of print-on-demand are shown below

  • Printful: This is a vertically integrated print-on-demand business that offers quick turnaround on all of its goods. Also, they assist with all of the main e-commerce platforms.
  • CustomCat. Print-on-demand business that handles all of its own printing in-house. CustomCat, however, has a much narrower product variety and more affordable pricing.
  • Printify: With one of the largest print-on-demand networks in the world and an extensive selection of bags, mugs, candles, clothing, and hoodies, Printify is a great option. A free plan with limitless product designs is available from Printify.
  • Redbubble: Independent artists can sell their creations on Redbubble, a print-on-demand marketplace. Their main office is in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Zazzle: Zazzle is an online marketplace for printing personalized goods and presents. Many goods, such as apparel, accessories, and stationery.

When To Source Product From Asia Vs the United States Or Your Home Country

It is typically less expensive to buy goods from Asia to sell online, but it is simpler to buy goods from the US because you won’t have to worry about shipping or customs. Also, visiting a US vendor for quality control inspections is significantly simpler. Hence, even if importing from Asia may generally result in lower wholesale prices for your products, it may not always be the best option for everyone.

There are a lot of things you need to consider. Hence, choosing China will almost always be less expensive if you want to sell goods that required a lot of labor to produce. Therefore imports are a great option for things like textiles, apparel, and anything else that requires handiwork.

But suppose you already possess the molds and make plastic toys. There probably won’t be a significant enough difference in plastic prices between the US and Asia to justify Chinese manufacture. The minimum order quantities, delivery costs, and customs fees are other things to think about.

Note: If you intend to import items from abroad, you should use the genuine landed cost of products shipping calculator I made.

Even though they were less expensive than MSRP (MSRP is merely a made-up number anyhow). The wholesale prices were so high that the profit margins for the goods we planned to offer would have been in the single digits. Generally speaking, wholesale providers from the US (or your own country) will be more expensive. But there are benefits to shopping at a nearby wholesaler.

You don’t need to go anywhere else. You won’t have to bother with customs or shipment. Locating domestic wholesale suppliers also saves you time because it eliminates the need to undertake thorough quality control inspections on your products because the wholesale supplier has probably already done this.

Frequently Asked Questions About Finding Wholesale Vendors

Is Amazon A Wholesale Vendor?

No, Amazon is not a wholesale supplier; rather, it is largely an online retail platform and marketplace. But, Amazon does have a wholesale program for corporate clients to buy goods in bulk called Amazon Business.

CostCo: A Wholesaler or a Retailer?

In a strict sense, yes—Costco is a business that sells bulk goods to its members at a discount. Customers can access the store’s large assortment of goods and benefit from the lower costs by signing up to become members.

Can You Buy Wholesale Without A Business License?

Without a business, you may unquestionably purchase wholesale. Sales tax may be assessed to you, which could have a negative impact on your margins.

Do You Need A Tax ID To Buy Wholesale?

Several vendors could be reluctant to work with you if you don’t have a tax ID and company license. You can purchase items at wholesale prices without paying sales tax if you have a company tax wholesale number. Certain vendors might not be willing to work with you unless you have a company license and tax ID, even though it is not specifically needed.

Is it acceptable to purchase goods and resell them?

Purchasing goods to sell is entirely lawful. To pay sales tax to your governing body, however, you must apply for a seller’s permit.

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