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Revolutionizing the B2B Experience

Revolutionizing the B2B Experience

Lion Brand collaborated with Refresh Advertising, a company that specializes in using cutting-edge technologies to create brand-specific immersive content and experiences. The brand created a first-of-its-kind experience for its retailers and sales partners with their assistance: a virtual “store” that is completely interactive, where buyers can look at and then buy Lion Brand products during group presentations.

This initiative is the first time a distributor of yarn and craft supplies has used this technology for business-to-business presentations.

  • Explore the most recent Lion Brand inventory in a variety of themed rooms.
  • Simply click to watch videos of product demonstrations.
  • Take a look at digital swatches that show how each kind of yarn’s stitches is defined.
  • Look at the selection of clothes on virtual models.
  • Check out digital lookbooks, pattern sheets, and other marketing assets.

This development was crucial due to the global impact of COVID-19. Blumenthal, on the other hand, claims that the concept was already in the works long before the pandemic struck. She added that, prior to COVID, we were developing technology to integrate our online presence with virtual consumer experiences, and that the term “brand experience” has been a requirement for any business’s commercial viability for some time. This brand experience effort cuts out unnecessary steps and adds cohesion to Lion Brand.

Lion Brand’s Virtual Showroom ensures complete messaging consistency, just like many virtual trade shows held during the pandemic. Buyers who express an interest in particular products will immediately receive selling sheets via email at any point during the Virtual Showroom meetings. Even if you don’t want to meet in person again, you can still connect with retailers and customers in a great way with this. Over the course of the past year and a half, numerous retailers have devised novel strategies for virtually meeting with customers, and Lion Brand’s Virtual Showroom is further evidence that this approach can be successful.

Revolutionizing the B2B Experience
Revolutionizing the B2B Experience

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