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Marketing with Email and SMS

Marketing with Email and SMS

The remainder of the year will be spent figuring out ways to retain all those new customers now that independent retailers all over the world are prepared to generate holiday sales. In a report on shoppers’ motivations and preferences, Bluecore warns that while efforts to acquire customers are important, they may not stick around for long if retention is not prioritized.

Retain Customers with Email & SMS Marketing

A great way to help keep new customers is to concentrate on your company’s SMS and email marketing efforts. According to new data from an Omnisend report, consumers prefer to receive branded email and text messages over unbranded ones. They want messages that are based on how they deal with retailers. Some types of content that customers may prefer to receive from businesses they patronize include in-depth information about the performance of the company as well as information about new or existing products or services.

Open rates for automated lifecycle messages increased by 76.25 percent year-over-year, according to Omnisend’s report data. When comparing open rates in Q2 2020, the report, which looked at 2.4 billion emails, 1.8 million SMS and push messages, and scheduled promotional campaigns, found that automated messages performed better. According to the report, e-commerce brands that automate SMS and email messages perform better than those that do not.

It is now simpler to send message alerts to a large number of customers. Multiple recipients can be contacted by a sender through a variety of software applications. Instead of sending information by hand, businesses can incorporate an automated messaging system into their operations to keep their target audience informed about their services. Drop Cowboy, for instance, is software that can quickly send messages to an unlimited number of contacts.

Email Performance

The report states that promotional email campaigns saw a 5.37 percent conversion rate, an 88% increase from the previous year. Email conversion rates increased each month during the second quarter, suggesting an increased reliance on both e-commerce and email marketing as primary channels, which may be more encouraging for DTC brands. Additionally, the report revealed that order confirmation messages had a much higher conversion rate (8.61 percent) than shipping confirmation messages (3.02 percent), indicating that marketers should optimize transactional messages because they have the potential to be powerful revenue drivers.

Also, research on promotional emails shows that 81% of customers like to get alerts once a month, and 15% like to get an email every day from businesses they do business with. The significance of businesses using messages to connect with their target market may be revealed by this data.

SMS Performance

According to the report, over the same time period last year, e-commerce brands sent 239 percent more SMS text messages. The data demonstrates that consumers want branded SMS messages with a click rate of 14.8 percent and a conversion rate of 2.13 percent. Marketers need to collect email addresses and mobile phone numbers. Because text messages are read quickly, they can be included in automated workflows just like emails. In addition, it may be simpler for customers who receive alerts via text message to respond via SMS than via email. As a result, automated messages may be beneficial to businesses that want to improve their customer service.

Greg Zakowicz, Director of Content at Omnisend, stated in a press release, “Second quarter data showed that online merchants who sent automated messages had great sales success by leveraging highly-relevant emails and texts.” This demonstrates how important it is to send messages to the right people at the right time. In order to maximize revenue, e-commerce teams should implement automated messages because they are limited in time.

But businesses that use SMS alerts need to be careful about how often and what they send. Customers who receive texts too frequently may lose interest if they believe the content is spam or irrelevant.

What Works?

Free shipping, percent-off offers, and in-home testing periods are among the other incentives that Bluecore’s report data suggests work on customers through email and SMS marketing. Free shipping is the most compelling reason for online shoppers to buy, according to over 60%, followed by a percentage discount (27%). A third of consumers indicated that a brand that provides a trial or in-home testing period is highly likely to sell them a product.

Marketing automation doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming to increase sales. Retailers can easily cultivate long-term customers by focusing on the right customers and offering the right incentives to them.

Marketing with Email and SMS
Marketing with Email and SMS

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