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Lightspeed Loyalty Helps Loyal Tee Boutique Better Connect with Their Customers

Lightspeed Loyalty Helps Loyal Tee Boutique Better Connect with Their Customers

With its next innovation in loyalty programs, Lightspeed, a company that provides cloud-based technology to retailers and restaurants, is making ground-breaking improvements for small and medium-sized businesses. Omni Loyalty, the next phase of their programs, will be available to retailers later this year. It will let them expand their loyalty program so that they can link their online shop to their physical store.

Helping Small Businesses Compete with Amazon

Being able to use the same loyalty program whether you shop online or in-store is one of Omni Loyalty’s advantages. Online loyalty programs are integrated into the shopping cart and checkout functions and retailers are able to adapt the earnings and redemption formats to their particular operations. Additionally, retailers will be able to communicate with their customers via email or simple, one-of-a-kind text at multiple touchpoints.

In the beta phase, a select group of retailers, including Loyal Tee Boutique in the small town of Clio, Michigan, have already begun utilizing the technology. These retailers have already seen a positive impact on their business and customer base. With the help of Omni Loyalty, owner Tori Erickson established her first physical store 11 months ago and developed an effective loyalty program. She is moving into a second, larger retail space soon because of the program’s significant increase in sales. Additionally, the program provided her with insight into her customers, which enables her to plan and achieve her objectives.

Erickson stated, “Omni Loyalty has been pretty good so far.” Customers who have had success with it adore it, but I still need to play around with the texting and templates a little. They do not always need to visit our store because they can redeem points and shop online. The online program has a lot of fun things to do.

Lightspeed Loyalty vs. Omni Loyalty

In November 2018, Lightspeed Loyalty was made available to American retailers. With loyalty programs, payment options, inventory management, and other features, this program streamlines POS systems, which has helped complex businesses become more efficient.

Omni Loyalty simply improves and enhances the existing loyalty program, resulting in seamless and individualized customer experiences. Erickson has always placed a high value on providing excellent customer service, and thanks to Omni Loyalty, she has been able to cultivate those relationships both in-store and online while also offering free merchandise to her most devoted clients.

Erickson stated, “We’ve always had an awesome connection with our customers, but now it’s fun.” I like to give discounts to customers who come in and spend a lot of money because I like to please people. I now tease the discounts with this loyalty program, and they get excited and receive prizes at the end. Customers say that they were excited when they got a text and spent more than they planned on this system.

Prizes & Discounts Galore

Erickson is discovering that the most important way to interact with her current clients is to surprise them with gifts just for being customers, according to the Loyalty Barometer Report from HelloWorld. With Omni Loyalty, customers can now redeem their points both online and in-store, making it simple for them to accumulate points for each dollar spent.

The first person to sign up for Erickson’s Omni Loyalty program works a lot and doesn’t always have time to visit the store. She was able to spend over $300 in total and redeem a $15 off coupon because she can now use Omni Loyalty. The customer saved money, got free shipping, and didn’t even have to leave her house.

Erickson stated, “I love the Lightspeed Loyalty program, it’s been wonderful.” I use it daily in-store, and the online data system is working really well now that the Omni channel feature has been added.

Lightspeed Loyalty Helps Loyal Tee Boutique Better Connect with Their Customers
Lightspeed Loyalty Helps Loyal Tee Boutique Better Connect with Their Customers

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