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Leverage Social Media Automation to Drive Engagement

Leverage Social Media Automation to Drive Engagement

Businesses have seen an exponential rise in the number of leads, sales, and employees they are looking to hire since Facebook introduced bots to Messenger in 2016. Since then, a lot has changed in terms of how businesses use bots to harness the power of marketing automation.

Different Marketing Entry Points

As we move into the year 2021, brands can continue to engage customers through a number of entry points provided by automation marketing solutions that aim to automatically assist businesses in reaching and expanding their audience. From traffic sources like comments on auto-replies, ads, website plugins, and social media, entry points can lead customers to a brand’s chatbot.

Billy Shipp, head of marketing at Chatfuel, a Facebook and Instagram-integrated chatbot provider, has identified three use cases for automation and messaging in customer engagement: Lead generation and product recommendation, as well as FAQ automation and customer support.

FAQ Automation and Customer Support

According to Shipp, “this is where customers have questions and want answers, and then you just have a bot automatically respond.” The majority of customers want quick access, so top questions include where you are located and your business hours. However, bots can assist in delving deeper into this and numerous other inquiries, such as return policies, shipping times, and common product queries.

Customer service teams gain three immediate advantages from chatbots: better agent utilization, faster response times, and data collection on customer requirements. Even if you have a FAQ page on your website that answers the majority of these questions, customers sometimes don’t want to read paragraphs of information in a hurry. A chatbot’s quick response satisfies the customer, expands their knowledge of your brand, and prevents a salesperson from interrupting their work to answer the phone.

Product Recommendations

When a customer visits a brand, there are sometimes too many options to choose from. Shipp stated, “Chatbots make it simple to have a conversation and proceed to find a product that works for the shopper.” With this bot, we’ve seen huge increases in sales. It works with a wide range of products, and beauty brands are also using it.

LEGO is just one of the many international brands that work with Chatfuel. When they added a chatbot that suggested products to their website, they had a lot of success. Prior to the introduction of chatbots, customers frequently encountered the issue of being presented with hundreds of distinct gift options when they visited a website to purchase one. The customer was prompted by the bot to answer questions like “Is this a gift?” “Is it for a boy or girl?” and “How much do you want to spend?” The bot is able to suggest products based on these questions, which ultimately made the buying process much simpler for customers.

Lead Generation

Shipp stated, “This is where brands use Facebook and Instagram ads to get viewers to talk to bots.” It is unique to Facebook and works exceptionally well. Because of Facebook’s click-to-Messenger ads, when a user clicks on one, they can immediately start chatting with a bot.

Additionally, there is a feature known as Comments Autoreply. The bot can respond directly to a customer and begin a conversation if a user comments on a brand’s Facebook post. Shipp says that Chatfuel is working on this with Instagram as well because it is a great way to start a conversation with customers and give them a personalized experience even when they aren’t in the store. It feels very natural, and customers can respond with confidence.

What Not to Do

Shipp suggests that if your company is considering incorporating a bot into its operations, you should be completely transparent with your clients regarding the manner in which they are conversing with a chatbot and avoid making them appear to be real people. Do not attempt to fool people into thinking they are having a conversation with someone. It might seem like a good idea to brands, but it never works. He stated, “Customers are smart and will know right away, which will ruin the experience and relationship with the customer because they won’t trust the interaction.”

It’s Completely Affordable

We understand your thoughts: Although the integration of chatbots appears to take a lot of time and money, Chatfuel can get you started quickly and for free. In just a few minutes, you can create a basic bot, test it out with 50 users, and then decide if you want to move up to the Pro plan, which costs $15 per month. Or, if you’d rather, the Chatfuel team can create a bespoke bot for your company for just $299. Depending on your company’s requirements, that bot can be set up to generate leads, make product recommendations, automate FAQs, and provide customer support.

Chatfuel offers a quickstart program that starts at $300 for three months of service and provides a chatbot with either FAQ automation and customer support, lead generation, or product recommendation for businesses that do not have the internal resources to build and manage a bot on their own.

Leverage Social Media Automation to Drive Engagement
Leverage Social Media Automation to Drive Engagement

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