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Key Player WhatsApp in E-commerce Space

Key Player WhatsApp in Ecommerce Space

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is becoming an important player in the e-commerce industry. It is now easier than ever for customers to shop directly through. The app with the introduction of new features like Shops and Collections is a game-changer for retailers.

Customers in 180 countries use the app, which is the largest messaging platform in the world, to seamlessly communicate with friends, families, and businesses. WhatsApp has been rapidly progressing toward becoming a complete conversational commerce platform for more than a year as a result of the growing adoption of the platform by both users and businesses.

Elevating the Shopping Experience

Gupshup’s Chief Product Officer, Gaurav Kachhawa, claims that in November 2021, the messaging platform will begin offering these brand-new interactive features to select partners worldwide. Throughout this launch, GupShup has collaborated with WhatsApp to bring these potent features to market, triggering the next digital commerce revolution. Additionally, the messaging platform announced a Rocket integration. Chat is an omnichannel platform designed for team collaboration. Customer service enables business users to provide personalized customer service experiences to customers more seamlessly.

According to a number of recent studies. One of which was commissioned by Rocket, this is a crucial move for WhatsApp. According to Chat, 84% of customers would rather interact with a brand than a chatbot for customer service needs. The messaging platform benefits from this integration by centralizing and streamlining its communication as well as:

  • In addition to text messages, Clients can advance correspondence with pictures, records, areas, recordings, and connections as well as use format messages to increment client commitment and communication.
  • End-to-end encryption and enterprise-grade security allow you to manage sensitive information with confidence.
  • Access to all customer conversations should be centralized: Businesses never lose their chat history and can search all conversations whenever necessary.

Kachhawa stated, “Over 175 million customers message a business on WhatsApp every day, and more than 40 million customers view a business’s catalog each month,” and “According to WhatsApp,” WhatsApp is increasingly being seen not only as a tool for engagement but also as a platform for enabling conversational commerce as it continues to make shopping simpler for users and retailers. Given that it can offer and sell products and services to customers using the platform as the primary channel, WhatsApp Commerce has the potential to change the game.

The New Digital Storefront

With WhatsApp Commerce, retailers can now power the entire customer shopping experience by utilizing WhatsApp for pre- and post-purchase journeys. According to Kachhawa, brands will have an easier time showcasing their products in the store’s catalog thanks to the store’s new interactive elements like single-product and multi-product messages. This enables businesses to present their products on pages that have a polished appearance and contain organized product details.

Kachhawa stated, “What makes this feature more exciting is that customers can add multiple products to carts at the same time by sending a single message to the businesses, like food orders from nearby restaurants or clothing orders from different brands.” They can also make direct payments from WhatsApp without leaving the chat window while they are in the purchase process. This allows them to avoid switching between apps.

Stand Out in the New Year

The global pandemic and digitization in e-commerce have significantly altered the shopping experience for customers. In addition to making life easier for customers, WhatsApp’s new exciting features can also be used by retailers to reimagine the future of shopping in 2022, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Key Player WhatsApp in Ecommerce Space

Key Player WhatsApp in E-commerce Space

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