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Improve Your Sales with These Trendy Impulse Buys

Improve Your Sales with These Trendy Impulse Buys

One of the most effective strategies for persuading customers to make last-minute purchases at the register counter is impulse purchases. When the prices are low, it’s even more fun to look at the little trinkets that stores have on the counter.

Whether you’re a C-store, clothing boutique, pet store, or anything in between, impulse purchases can help you make more money. They make up a lot of consumer spending. A study conducted by Marketing Support, Inc. and Leo J. Shapiro and Associates found that approximately one-third of all consumers make significant impulse purchases on a weekly basis, with the median purchase amounting to $30. Therefore, the following are some of the newest and most popular impulses buys that you can add near the registers for indie stores that are looking for additional products to wow their customers:

10 Foot Cell Phone Cables

These cell phone cables are one of Diamond Visions’ best-selling items and come with a free spinning floor rack and 72 different colored cables. There are 30 Micro USB cables, 18 USB-C cables, and 24 Apple Lightning cables in the collection. Diamond Visions adheres to Apple’s specifications and pays a fee, resulting in the Lightning cables being officially certified by Apple. Your customers will have greater mobility while their phones are charging because these cables are three times longer than standard phone cables of three feet.

Phone Mirrors

The restickable iDecoz Phone Mirrors attach to the back of all phones and cases. Your clients won’t have to look in their handbags for a mirror anymore. People Magazine and The Today Show both mentioned this product as a must-have accessory!



Austrian Crystal Necklace Pendant Display

This beautiful display of jewelry can assist in making that happen because jewelry is a great way to get a customer’s attention at the checkout and encourage them to make an impulse purchase. The Austrian Crystal Necklaces come in a pretty velvet display and come in a variety of designs and colors. Eight necklaces are included in each display.

Air Fresheners

These adorable shoe-shaped air fresheners keep cars smelling clean and fresh while also adding a little pizazz to them. These air fresheners, which come with bottoms made of 100 percent microfiber, can also be used to keep a smartphone or vehicle navigation screen clean. FreshandWipe air fresheners are the ideal present for car enthusiasts and come in a wide variety of appealing scents and colors. There are vanilla, citrus, new car, and jasmine scent options.

Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

Your clients will undoubtedly be interested in these eco-friendly, reusable drinking straws. These days, metal drinking straws are everywhere, and they even come with a brush cleaner as a bonus! In addition to a straw cleaning brush, each pack includes four stainless steel straws, two of which have a cup-top bend and two of which are straight. When you buy 120 packages, you get a free display rack.

Incense Display

Wildberry offers a wide selection of exquisitely scented incense, and this display gives it the extra push it needs to stand out. There are 300 incense sticks in the Wildberry Biggies wooden display. The scents include Cherry Vanilla, Dragon’s Blood, Fizzy Pop, Fresh Rain, Ocean Wind, Opium, Patchouli, Peace of Mind, Sandalwood, Strawberry, Tranquility, and Vanilla. Other scents include Dragon’s Blood, Fizzy Pop, and Fresh Rain. In addition, retailers will receive a window sign and 12 jars with labels for displaying the incense in their stores.

Aromar Scent Center Endcap Display

When it comes to supplies that smell good, this endcap display is everything your customers are looking for. It has a beautiful design. This display is a guaranteed sales program because it has rows of incense, air fresheners, aromatic oils, electric burners, sachets, and ultrasonic diffusers. This means that retailers are guaranteed a sale from this endcap!



Trendy Sunglasses

Sunglasses in a variety of colors and styles are a great addition to any store from Fierce Products. They sell sport, polarized, Wayfarer, women’s fashion, metal frame, half-frame, and a wide range of other types of sunglasses. When you can get them all, why carry just one style? Fill a rack with a variety of Fierce Products sunglasses to give your customers something to choose from.

Metal Sign Rack

This rack display has a lot of different metal signs with funny sayings and pictures, so your customers will laugh while looking for the right sign. Each sign is 11.5 inches by 8 inches and has four holes for easy hanging. Four signs are sold in a pack.

Pinch Me Therapy Dough

Squishable therapy dough designed to naturally channel relief through the senses is the special therapy dough. Using the tried-and-true scientific method of color and scent as they relate to relaxation, this calming putty was created in a portable tin. For people of all ages, it’s a handy little mood-shifter. Melon, Spice, Spa, Tropics, and a lot of other scents are available.

Rollerball Lip Potion

The Rollerball Lip Potion of our youth is back, and this time it uses organic and natural ingredients to give your lips the ultimate shine. Each gloss has a roller ball top, so you can apply it to bare lips or over lipstick. There is no color, just great gloss and mouthwatering shine in 16 flavors.

Glossy Pops

Glossy Pops are trendy lip balms that also come with lip gloss attached. Open the Glossy Pop top to get a delicious lip balm. Unscrew the gemstone handle to get a clear and shiny lip gloss to finish off the hydration. There are many different colors of Glossy Pops, some of which are bedazzled for a glamorous appearance.

Lavender & Hibiscus Bar Soap

This Lavender & Hibiscus Bar Soap comes from a flower bed in the garden and is scented with lavender essential oils. The scent is very calming and relaxing. The base for Dot & Lil soap is glycerin and an all-vegetable oil. This soap has enough lather to last a long time and is completely vegan.

Aloe Vera Leaf Face Wash

Due to its proteolytic enzymes, aloe provides numerous skin benefits. This aloe vera wash helps people with acne, psoriasis, eczema, or oily skin because it hydrates the skin without feeling greasy. Additionally, your customers will be eager to try this innovative face wash at a low retail price point.

MAYDAY Mini Alarm

These stylish little mini alarms are ideal for campus life, solo trips, late-night activities, and parking lots and can be easily attached to any set of keys. It can fit in any belt loop, key ring, backpack, or purse. Each alarm comes with batteries, and it also has an LED flashlight. An audible alarm is activated by simply pulling the string.

Skin Sticks Solid Lotion

Skin Sticks are the ideal lotion for traveling. Even on airplanes, they are ideal for moisturizing while on the move! Since it is a solid, no resealable bag is required. It can be used anywhere on the body, just like a lip balm. There are thirty scents to choose from, so there’s something for everyone.

Mini-Green Energy Pouches

Mini-Green Energy is a zero-calorie, USDA-certified organic energy pouch. It has great flavor and is a healthy way to get more energy. Either two pouches can be dropped into a bottle of water or the pouch can be placed between the cheek and gum. There are four delicious flavors in this energizing pouch: cinnamon, citrus, mixed berry, and spearmint. These are great impulsive purchases because they take up very little counter space!

Scent Blast Air Fresheners

These fun spray bottles, which are the world’s most potent air fresheners, can be used in trash cans, cars, offices, the house, and anywhere else that needs a little refreshment. The scents Fresh, Clean Linen, Manga Mango, Gold, and Sweet Cherry can be found in this display. composed entirely of concentrated fragrance oil.

Improve Your Sales with These Trendy Impulse Buys
Improve Your Sales with These Trendy Impulse Buys

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