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How to Reach Customers in Their Purchasing Journey

How to Reach Customers in Their Purchasing Journey

When considering a high-priced item, a customer’s path to a purchase decision is different today than it was even six months ago. Local retailers can now create a comprehensive presence across multiple digital touchpoints to reach customers wherever they are because online research has become more important in some cases.

A study conducted by Episerver found that more than 92% of consumers conduct research online prior to making a purchase. When customers go online to look for items that require time and research prior to making a purchase decision, the local retailer is at the forefront of the search. Large brands and manufacturers that sell products that are considered to be of high quality need to effectively bring their message to life at the local level. The brand can assist in bringing a product to life locally to satisfy that customer’s requirements with the appropriate online presence.

A Grasshopper® mower, for instance, necessitates research prior to purchase to determine the best value. The average number of website inquiry submissions from local retailers using PowerChord’s SaaS platform and carrying Grasshopper products increased by 112 percent year over year. Online sales lead for dealers who took part in the program were 500 percent higher than those for dealers who did not use the custom websites.


When it comes to their online experiences, local retailers are doing a lot of things right. However, one area where they frequently fall short is in providing the brands they represent with up-to-date and relevant information. This includes seasonal promotions, improved pricing, and the most recent and greatest advantages over competitors.


By making sure their products and/or services can be easily found when people search for them online, retailers can stand out. One aspect that is essential to the success of a retailer is paid search advertising. Local businesses must run local paid search ads in order to capitalize on these highly qualified hand raises because the majority of consumers begin the buying process by conducting a search in an online search engine like Google. Running local paid search ads puts a business’s name, address, and phone number in front of customers who are already showing interest in a product because they are actively looking to buy.

Maintaining Contact

When it comes to brand-to-local online customer experiences and advertising, there isn’t a clear path to success, but there are some key best practices, including: a customer journey that is clearly defined and without any friction, advertising across a variety of channels to meet customers when they are most interested, and the quick ability to provide the information they want online. A brand must reach a customer seven times before they make a purchase decision, according to estimates.

Although this may sound like a lot of contacts, it need not be overwhelming or difficult to implement. To be successful, an advertiser or owner of a local business needs to be flexible and think through all of the touchpoints in the customer journey, from awareness to research to retail purchase consideration. Paid search advertising, local dealer retargeting, local rich media display, and local social lead ads are all examples of local digital marketing solutions. as part of scalable programs that enable retailers to make brands come to life in local advertisements.

Prioritizing Budget Initiatives

Local businesses should think about following the 70-20-10 rule when making advertising investments. This indicates that “tried and true” initiatives, which are the primary marketing strategies that have been demonstrated to be effective in bringing in new customers to a retail establishment, receive 70% of the budget. Activities that are considered to have a high likelihood of success receive 20% of the budget. The remaining ten percent, on the other hand, is used as an experimental budget to test new opportunities and determine which ones work. In today’s digitally evolving world, a retailer can be adaptable and keep their business moving forward with this strategy.

In today’s highly competitive online environment, retailers must do more to differentiate themselves. By working with local retailers and dealers to ensure that the messaging is complete and consistent, brands can assist in driving a message from awareness to purchase, particularly for more expensive items. In today’s complex online ecosystem, local businesses should not be afraid of adopting technology tools and scalable advertising efforts to connect with customers. PowerChord can help by providing complete digital marketing and technology solutions that use functional data solutions to drive high-consideration purchases throughout the consumer journey.

How to Reach Customers in Their Purchasing Journey
How to Reach Customers in Their Purchasing Journey

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