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Healthy Living with New England Hemp Farm

Healthy Living with New England Hemp Farm

CBD has repeatedly assisted users in managing their chronic pain. New England Hemp Farm is one of many businesses on a mission to continue testing and perfecting these premium products so that more people can buy them.

CBD Products You Can Trust

Relief rubs, oils, vegan gummies, capsules, roll-on gels, pet treats, bath bombs, body butter, pet oils, hand sanitizer, and numerous hair care and facial items are among the many CBD products offered by New England Hemp Farm. Two of the organization’s smash hits are their veggie lover chewy candies and the alleviation rub.

The citrus pectin-based vegan gummies have nutritional fiber to increase bioavailability and are delicious. There are 30 gummies in each bottle, each with 25 milligrams of CBD. The CBD-intensive relief rub from the company is convenient and simple to use. In addition to containing 1,000 milligrams of premium hemp oil, it also includes Emu oil, a natural ingredient that helps alleviate discomfort.

Finding an Answer to Chronic Pain

New England Hemp Farm was established by rian Edmonds and Keith Bunovsky at the beginning of 2019, shortly after Brian began complaining of persistent joint pain. He began a comprehensive search for all of the various CBD brands after a friend suggested he try CBD lotion, which he had never heard of. Brian wondered how he could trust that the products were genuine CBD, how much THC they contained, and how much he needed to use for a true therapeutic dosage. He quickly became concerned about the products’ quality and purity. Brian and Keith conducted additional research on hemp and CBD and what they had to offer after all of these questions remained unanswered repeatedly. Brian saw this problem-solving as a potential business opportunity.

  • With three guiding principles for CBD users, New England Hemp Farm is a flourishing business today:
  • From a reputable company, buy CBD products of high quality that have been tested by a third party.
  • Find out what a healthy dose is for you.
  • Test your response by taking CBD on a regular basis for at least three weeks to a month.
Healthy Living with New England Hemp Farm
Healthy Living with New England Hemp Farm

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