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Fortune Products: 35 Years of Excellence in LED Lighting

Fortune Products: 35 Years of Excellence in LED Lighting

At an affordable price, Fortune Products offers retailers battery-operated LED products of professional quality. Fortune Products, based in Lake Stevens, Washington, is a company that creates one-of-a-kind LED items for weddings, parties, events, home décor, and other occasions. According to Greg Hayenga, sales manager, professional party planners, and celebrity wedding planners incorporate their LED lighting, candles, furniture, and décor into their designs. Many of their products are one-of-a-kind designs that have been trademarked and patented, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

Because they are up to 80% more energy efficient and last longer than conventional incandescent lighting, LED products have gained popularity in recent years. In addition, LED lighting is safer and has a lower temperature than conventional lighting. Because of these properties, the lighting can be used in more inventive and useful ways.

Light My Bottle™

The item instantly transforms any large empty bottle of liquor or wine into a lighted decoration. A rod that houses the on/off switch and 15 fairy lights is attached to the string. The bottle should be filled with a light string and battery holder. The on/off switch protrudes from the bottle’s top because the battery holder remains in the neck. This novelty and décor item is a consistent top seller that is not only eye-pleasing but also a great addition to almost any retailer’s inventory.

Fairy Berries®

Fairy Berries® are tiny clear balls with a diameter of 34″ that make any gathering feel cozy, fun, and inviting. The LED lights in the battery-operated balls flicker on and off gradually. White, red, blue, green teal, amber, yellow, orange, pink, and purple are the colors of Fairy Berries®. Another small but interesting item that is simple to incorporate into a retail display is these.

Pro and MOD Cubes 

There are collections of MOD Cubes. The MOD Cubes, which measure 24 inches and are made of tough polyethylene, can be used to build a bar, a seating area, or something else. This product performs best in larger retail environments and party stores.

Custom Options

Numerous Fortune Products can have logos, messages, and vector images printed on them. This is a great option for tourists, souvenir, and gift shops, as well as shops looking to establish a brand. From low-cost to high-end items, Fortune Products offers a diverse selection. Their catalog is constantly evolving; In order to keep up with the latest trends and customer demand, they frequently introduce new products.

How to Order

Fortune Products only sells wholesale and does not sell to consumers directly. Hayenga asserts, “We are not operating under any pseudonyms or storefronts.” Because our customers never have to compete with us under a different name, this helps us make money for retailers.

Fortune Products: 35 Years of Excellence in LED Lighting
Fortune Products: 35 Years of Excellence in LED Lighting

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