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Hardy Fishing

Hardy history began in 1872, when William Hardy established himself as a gunsmith in his home town of Alnwick and is still recognized
as the finest fly rods and reels in the world. Hardy fly gear is for
those who want the finest and won’t settle for anything lesser.

Greys Fishing

In 1999 Hardy acquired the rod manufacturer Greys which had been founded in 1968 by Mr Grey when he left Hardy’s employment. Grey’s supported and helped grow new communities
through fly experiences.

Ugly Stik Fishing

Ugly Stik makes equipment for those who like to fish ugly.
In slime-stained shirts with safe Jon boats that burn a little oil.
And with tough tackle made to handle just about anything anyone
can throw at it. It’s time to fish ugly.

Shakespeare Fishing

There is no fish like your first fish. And nothing knows that better
than Shakespeare. For over 100 times, Shakespeare has been one of
. the most recognizable brands in fishing. As further and further
beginners discover the joy of fishing, Shakespeare will be there, supplying the gear and alleviation to make sure that the coming bite
will noway be the last.

Fenwick Fishing

You experience the feeling. The tell-tale tug on the close of the line that is
transferred through a Fenwick rod, felt by your hand, captures your heart and stirs your soul. That time and that feeling is why
Fenwick exists. It’s why we obsess over every part of every rod we
Make to make sure the action, perceptivity, and strength are not only. produce further of those moments but allow you to make the utmost of
them. Fenwick. We feel it too.

Pflueger Fishing

Pflueger products are world famous for their innovation,
dependability & attention to detail. Pflueger continues to combine
pride in craftsmanship and commitment to new technology to
create a line of superior products. Simply put, Pflueger
Products Perform.

Van Staal Fishing

“No boundaries”describes everything about the Van Staal product
line. No boundaries on where you can proceed, how big a fish you can hook or the volume of pressure you can put on it, and your equipment.
With Van Staal, you are always in control of the battle.

Fin-Nor Fishing

Fin-Nor is continuing its legacy of testing limitations with
advancements in engineering, fine craftsmanship, and
unmatched durability. It’s time to build your own legacy.

Johnson Fishing

The Johnson brand has become a staple for every angler and can be found in almost every tackle box. Johnson spinner baits, spoons, and jigs lures have stood the test of time and continue to help anglers of all abilities catch fish.

Mitchell Fishing

In 1948, Mitchell cooked the world’s first spinning reel. Moment, Mitchell remains devoted to our heritage of making a dependable
tackle that performs faultlessly and allows all anglers to
expertise in the joy of fishing.