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Does CBD-Infused Clothing Really Work?

Does CBD-Infused Clothing Really Work?

CBD has been featured prominently in virtually every product, from face scrubs and lotions to coffee and edibles. Additionally, CBD is now entering the athletic apparel market.

How It “Works”

Acabada Activewear introduced the world’s first and only line of CBD-infused activewear in August. Leggings, a jumpsuit, sports bras, bike shorts, and other items are included in this 12-piece collection, which is called ProActiveWear. The website claims that the effects of CBD last for forty wash cycles. A novel approach to combating soreness and promoting healing prior to activity is this clothing infused with CBD.

Does It Really Work?

It seems like a good idea to incorporate CBD into a clothing line because it is known to reduce pain and inflammation. However, does it actually help soothe and recover muscles while working out? The lack of a controlled, scientific study to determine the effects of Acabada’s clothing is the issue with the line.

The activewear, according to one tester, did not significantly improve her workout. She stated that she probably could get the same benefits by simply using a CBD tincture, even though she was still exhausted and sore afterward.

It’s Difficult to Regulate CBD-Infused Clothing

The absence of CBD regulation in clothing, according to board-certified emergency department physician Darria Gillespie, is her primary concern. There is no way to know how much CBD will be produced or whether it will actually have any beneficial effects on the user. We know precisely how much a patient will absorb over a given time period when we administer medications into their bloodstream. There is absolutely no way to control how much activewear a person will wear, “she asserts.

The fact that the clothing infused with CBD can only be used for about 40 uses and costs $120 is another drawback. After five months, a garment is no longer effective if a wearer exercises two days per week. It seems a little excessive to spend $150 on activewear every five months, especially if the results aren’t as good as Acabada claims.

That’s All, Folks

Since Acabada is the only brand offering CBD-infused products at this time, it is impossible to compare their efficacy. It is unquestionably a fascinating discovery, and experts assert that this kind of product may be successful with the appropriate amount of research; however, only time will tell.

Does CBD-Infused Clothing Really Work?
Does CBD-Infused Clothing Really Work?

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