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Developing Products for Retail Success: Product Hunters

Developing Products for Retail Success: Product Hunters

Product Hunters has pioneered the creation of one-of-a-kind, multipurpose items that are certain to spark conversation among you and your clients. To guarantee maximum sales and profit, Product Hunters has rigorously tested each item that is made available to retailers. How exactly does the company achieve this? The formula for making new products, according to President Jon Scheerz, is the same every time. In order to test these new products in the retail market, we begin by selling to niche operators like carts and kiosks.

Scheerz says that the company can learn how each new product is received by a smaller test audience before putting it into larger production by testing it in specific locations, like a few select malls. Because it gives us the opportunity to customize and demonstrate the product, it is a good starting point,” he states.

Consider LuvaLamps, a self-assembled lighting system made of interlocking translucent plastic puzzle pieces, one of the company’s most successful products.

Previously, the LuvaLamps were all white. Over 76 print designs and 17 different colors are now available, according to Scheerz. We’re always on the lookout for the next great product with a lot of appeals.

The road to product testing can sometimes be long. Scheerz elaborates, “Our greatest achievement has been the opportunity to have such a sustainable business in which we can expand our company, hire more employees, and really grow with one another.” We focus on product development rather than just lighting.

Product Hunters intends to introduce new designs for Candle Litez and Buddy Litez in addition to a new line of soap and body care products in 2016. Wholesale prices range from $12.50 to $18 and suggested retail prices range from $20 to $40 per unit. There is a start-up fee of $250 for first-time buyers, and purchases over $500 qualify for free shipping.

Developing Products for Retail Success: Product Hunters
Developing Products for Retail Success: Product Hunters

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