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Cost-Effective Security Solutions with SensorTags

Cost-Effective Security Solutions with SensorTags

It’s easy to focus on the aspects of your store that generate revenue as a retailer. Growing a business necessitates making investments in advertising, appealing merchandising, and the right products. However, safeguarding your revenue is just as crucial as anything else. A National Retail Federation survey found that shoplifting alone cost retailers nearly $17 billion in losses in 2014. Finding the right security system for your space and having the funds to make that investment can be challenging for independent store owners. Mary Fouts, Technical Director at SensorTags Inc., a provider of security solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, offers advice on cost-effective strategies for securing your enterprise.

Choosing Equipment

The two-pillar transmitter-receiver designs for three-foot doors are our most popular systems. According to Fouts, the mono-towers are popular for large open spaces like malls and double doors. Additionally, SensorTags provides “indivisible” security solutions. This year, SensorTags is offering new products, such as an alarming tag-compatible, self-installing mat system. Additionally, we have a brand-new acrylic glass wall or door mounted system. According to Fouts, neither of these systems is ideal for smaller stores or areas where you do not want the security to be visible.

You will need to purchase security tags for your products to act as alarm triggers in addition to your single, double, or invisible security towers. Ink tags, barcode labels, eyeglass tags, checkpoint alarming butterflies, pencil security tags, and cigarette tags are just some of the many varieties of security tags. The merchandise you sell and the security tower you choose will determine which tags are best for your store. Additionally, to avoid slowing down the checkout process, ensure that your employees have access to a sufficient number of deactivators at the cash registers.

The process of selecting a security system can be streamlined by establishing a budget in advance. SensorTags provides a wide selection of new, used, and decoy options. A fake security camera or security tower may be sufficient to deter shoplifters for some smaller businesses. In contrast to new or functioning refurbished systems, which can cost several thousand dollars, decoy security systems typically only cost a few hundred dollars. By adding security tags to merchandise or lighting the base of the tower so that it appears to be powered up, many retailers who choose decoy systems make them appear more realistic.

SensorTags provides a free quote service if you are unsure of which system would be most suitable for your store. When selecting a security system for the first time, it can be difficult, says Fouts. Simply complete a questionnaire about your store on their website, and SensorTags will call or email you with a tailored recommendation.

Continued Support

When purchasing a security system, additional aspects to consider include the costs of setup, support, and maintenance. After waiting up to two weeks for a security specialist to arrive at your location, typical installations can take an entire afternoon, says Fouts. The majority of our systems’ base plates are manufactured by SensorTags. Without having to bolt the security system into the floor, the store owner can install it themselves in less than an hour, says Fouts. In the event that you, as a retailer, do not feel confident installing the system on your own, it might be cost-effective to wait to hire a professional instead. However, you could save a few hundred dollars on potential installation costs if you are confident in your ability to install the system using a base plate.

It’s important to think about your system’s ongoing support as well. Check to see if your service provider offers a warranty or free technical support for purchases. Fouts explains, “The fact that we offer five years of over-the-phone technical support with every system purchased makes SensorTags unique.” We provide guidance over the phone, so you don’t have to wait for a technician to arrive. This makes it possible to respond more quickly and get your system up and running as soon as possible. We carry many obsolete parts and have combined experience of more than 50 years. Even if you did not purchase your system from us, SensorTags can frequently set it up.

Plan Ahead

Think about where you want your company to be in the future before spending a few thousand dollars on a security system. You might not want to install expensive security systems in your current store space if you think you will need a larger space in the future or if you are interested in another piece of real estate. According to Fouts, “many leases require you to leave any equipment that is bolted down.” Instead of screwing your security system directly into the ground, think about mounting it on base plates. If your store ever moves, this will save you a lot of money and time.

Cost-Effective Security Solutions with SensorTags
Cost-Effective Security Solutions with SensorTags

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