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Brighten the Celebration with these Hanukkah Products

Brighten the Celebration with these Hanukkah Products

This year, Hanukkah begins on November 28 and runs through December 6. Over the course of eight nights, consumers celebrating this holiday will need to find gifts to give. From toys and candy to decorations and gifts, we’ve compiled a list of the best Hanukkah gifts that everyone will love. Our top picks for the upcoming holiday are as follows:

Hanukkah Cutout Decorations

These decorative cutouts, which include a menorah, a dreidel, and a Star of David, are the ideal addition to any Hanukkah party. The image is on both sides of each cutout, and a pack contains three pieces. Twelve packages are the minimum order.

Raspberry Jelly Rings

During Hanukkah, many people choose Raspberry Jelly Rings because they are a delicious treat. The raspberry jelly filling is surrounded by a delicious chocolate coating, bringing the two great flavors together in one delicious candy bite. With tongs, these rings can be placed in candy bins so that customers can get the right amount of raspberry candy they want.

Silver Hanukkah Necklace

Each package contains a sterling silver necklace, a box or velvet bag, and a polishing silver cloth. It is nickel- and lead-free. Silver or gold-plated silver options are available.

Assorted Hanukkah Cards

This holiday, your customers can now include personalized Hanukkah greeting cards with their gifts. Each order contains 36 assorted cards and envelopes in six different designs. Each card has text inside and is appropriate for all ages. Additionally, they are made in the United States.

A Hanukkah Tradition The Story Of Funukkah Plush Doll and Book Set

A Hanukkah 13-inch plush doll with a magic backpack and a 24-page hardcover storybook is part of the Story of Funukkah gift set. The doll and book are safely stored away until the following Hanukkah season when they are carefully packaged in a colorful box with the Funukkah fun rules.

Brighten the Celebration with these Hanukkah Products
Brighten the Celebration with these Hanukkah Products

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