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Boosting Customer Loyalty with Pearson Ranch Snack Meats

Boosting Customer Loyalty with Pearson Ranch Snack Meats

Marvin Cromwell, president of Pearson Ranch, claims, “The ranch was started by my Great Uncle Ken in 1959.” Since then, the ranch, which belongs to a family, has grown. Pearson entered the jerky and meat snack industry in the early 2000s. Cromwell says, “We were fortunate to land Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s as retailers of our products.” My son Matt wanted to start selling our products to travel centers and truck stops in 2012, and from there, we really took off.

Cromwell continues, “Our most popular product is still elk jerky.” Buffalo comes in second. Pearson intends to improve upon their successful wild boar products this year. Gluten-free, MSG-free, grass-fed, and farm-raised in the United States, all Pearson Ranch meats pass USDA inspection.

All of Cromwell and his family’s retailers benefit from a 40 percent profit margin. That is a real 40 percent because we either deliver and sell the product ourselves or pay for shipping if the retailer isn’t on one of our routes, as Cromwell explains. Pearson has its own delivery trucks that travel along the Rocky Mountains, through Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia, and they also has a direct ship program for stores that their trucks can’t get to. Cromwell explains, “Our customer care team calls each store once a month to place refill orders. For prepaid shipping, there is a $150 minimum, but there is no minimum for orders.

For easier merchandising, spinner racks, cadavers, and shipper POP displays are available. Additionally, Cromwell suggests locating the display close to the counter to encourage impulsive purchases. Pearson gives away free samples with every order so that customers, employees, and retailers can try the products for themselves. Cromwell asserts, “Having tasting demonstrations going on really helps drive sales.” Pearson meats are a one-of-a-kind product that offers consumers something distinct from standard beef jerky.

Boosting Customer Loyalty with Pearson Ranch Snack Meats
Boosting Customer Loyalty with Pearson Ranch Snack Meats

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