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Boost Sales with Gifts & Impulse Buys

Boost Sales with Gifts & Impulse Buys

This is the ideal time for independent stores across the country to make money from gifts and last-minute purchases because we are entering the peak tourist season. Independent Retailer has you covered if you need small, influential products that can be easily placed next to registers to increase sales or if customers are looking for something to bring home for their friends and family.

Global Gift Industry Statistics

The gift industry is constantly changing as a result of consumer preferences that are constantly shifting. Since 58% of women would rather receive jewelry as a gift, jewelry is a popular choice for a present. In a difficult economy, this presents retailers with a significant opportunity to capitalize on and guarantee sales.

Impulse Buys Are Changing

Impulsive purchases are made much easier with smaller gifts that can be placed by the register.

Customers are also making significant purchases outside of physical storefronts. Impulsive purchases have also increased as a result of the pandemic-driven rise in online sales. In this category, impulsive online shopping was reported by less than 40% of male respondents. About half of the respondents said that impulse purchases of electronics were the most common for men.

According to Crawford’s article, retailers are increasingly embracing “quick commerce” in order to encourage online shoppers to make impulsive purchases.

Consumer Expectations Are High

A recent Tango survey confirmed that Americans continue to make the majority of their purchases in stores, despite the fact that online shopping remains quite popular. In order for independent retailers to make a profit from these gift and impulse buy trends, they need to know how shoppers are changing how they shop.

Technology has proven to be an important tool for gathering and identifying customer insights for decision-making regarding these changes. In the past year, brands have had to respond to a myriad of new challenges.

According to parcelLab CEO Tobias Buxhoidt, live shopping is one of the most popular consumer trends right now.

Adapting to Fit Consumer Preferences

In order to generate revenue, it is of the utmost importance to provide customers with what they require. Customers are being picky about where they spend their money, especially as inflation continues to disrupt the economy.

  • Please add more new ideas. Over four out of five people polled (83 percent) said that retail establishments still need to use retail space more creatively for in-store shopping, order fulfillment, and pick-up.
  • Shoppers want everything. Eighty-nine percent of customers want to be able to shop online and in-store with pick-up or delivery options.
  • The ease of shopping will never go away. A seamless online-to-store experience continues to gain importance for the majority of Americans two years after the pandemic began (88%).
  • Customers will be happier if there are more changes. When compared to a year ago, Americans are more likely to be content with their options for an online-to-store experience.
  • Compared to 87% a year ago, 94% of customers are pleased with their in-store, pick-up, and delivery options from stores and/or chain restaurants.
  • Compared to 86% a year ago, 94% of consumers enjoy the ability to buy online and the option to pick up or have their purchases delivered.
  • Compared to 86% of shoppers last year, 91% of shoppers appreciate how stores have integrated their online presence with the in-store experience, such as providing designated parking spaces for curbside pick-up.
  • Compared to 84% a year ago, 92% of customers say that stores have made it easier or faster to pick up or receive online orders instead of waiting days for delivery from larger fulfillment centers.

Here are some hot and popular gifts and impulse purchases that retailers can offer as they prepare for all of these changes and the influx of tourists:

Handbuilt House Blend Coffee

Coffee makes an excellent present for anyone who enjoys it. Your clients will be reminded of the high level of craftsmanship their grandfather put into everything he ever built by this blend, which is so solid and full of character. The tasting notes hint at chocolate, Concord grape, and almond, and it comes from a variety of small farmers in Guatemala and Brazil.

Boc’n Roll

This environmentally friendly sandwich wrap lets you enjoy sandwiches on the go and say goodbye to disposable wrappers. It is adaptable to various food shapes and sizes, such as sandwiches and fruit, thanks to its simple fastener. It is portable, small, washable in the washing machine, and can also be used as an individual placemat. Available in a wide range of colors and designs, these eco-friendly impulse buys can be easily placed near the register.

Fallen Leaves Soy Wax Candle

This candle makes the air smell just like autumn. It has an inviting scent with cinnamon and citrus in the top notes, apple and berry in the middle, and pecan and cedar in the base. For a smooth, earthy scent, the essential oils of cinnamon leaf, cinnamon bark, patchouli, cedarwood, vetiver, guaiac wood, and sandalwood are incorporated into this fragrance. The best thing about it is that it is made of recycled coconut shells!

Leather Care Kit

Everything your customers need to clean and maintain their favorite leather goods is included in this all-in-one leather care kit. The Leather Conditioner, Leather Cleaner, and two lint-free application cloths in this perfectly giftable kit can be used on anything from favorite leather shoes to car interiors and everything in between. Since 1968, Leather Honey has been the most popular leather cleaner and conditioner. It restores and protects all colors and types of leather with a formula that repels water and is non-toxic, providing protection for six months.

Veggie Saver

It has been scientifically demonstrated that this innovative, award-winning produce bag can keep fruits and vegetables fresh for at least two weeks. Every year, households will save money and reduce food waste thanks to Veggie Saver. Because it is made from unbleached, unseeded cotton, your customers can rely on the product’s non-toxic, non-allergenic, food-safe, and plastic-free nature.

Boston Sugar-Free Fruit Slices

These sugar-free fruit slices are soft jellied candies that come in four different flavors and are available in a 5 oz tub. Cherry, lemon, orange, and lime. They are ideal for shoppers on the go looking for a healthier snack. A case contains 12 tubs.

Specialty Gourmet Popcorn

This specialty gourmet popcorn is made from scratch and hand-packed in Wisconsin. It is available in a wide variety of flavors, including Chocolate Caramel, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Cheese Coated Caramel, Poppy Chow, and a plethora of other flavors. Seven cups of popcorn are included in each bag, making them ideal for sharing on a long road trip.

Brad’s Organic Tortilla Chips

These chips are crunchy and delicious, and they come in Ranch, Salsa Verde, Roasted Red Pepper, and Nacho Cheese flavors, among others. They are ready to eat or can be enjoyed with complimentary dips. One case contains twelve bags.

48 Count Multi POP Tower Display

12 4 oz. Elk Hickory Snack Sticks, 12 3 oz. Buffalo Hickory Snack Sticks, 12 4 oz. Venison Hickory Snack Sticks, and 12 4 oz. Wild Boar Snack Sticks are included in this 48-count tower. The tower can be easily added to sales by being placed on register counters.

Bone Shaped Car Magnet Display

Your clients will adore these car magnets in the shape of bones because there are so many dog owners out there. It comes with 72 faces representing 54 breeds and 18 humorous sayings, and the floor display is included for no cost when you buy it. If you tell SJT which rescue you want to support, 5% of your purchase will be donated to that organization.

Boost Sales with Gifts & Impulse Buys
Boost Sales with Gifts & Impulse Buys


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