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Blowout Sale From LuxePak

Blowout Sale From LuxePak

All of LuxePak’s products are on sale at a huge discount. Retailers can stock their shelves at wholesale prices just in time for the holiday shopping season and make a significant profit.

LuxePak provides your customers with everything they need to safeguard their personal belongings while traveling. No more sloppy liquids exploding in bags on airplanes, and no more broken liquor bottles that didn’t make it through the bumpy journey. What they have to offer is as follows:

LuxePak Classic

The hard case LuxePak Classic is long-lasting, light, airtight, and resistant to water and leaks. It comes with three refillable bottles of 2 ounces and a flexible, removable net for safe storage: one with a spray top and two with pumps. This fits in carry-ons, gym bags, larger handbags, and backpacks. The best part is that it is made in the USA.

Luxe StashPak

The LuxePakTM Pro is a tougher product with different closing mechanisms and pinned hinges but the same cool design on the outside of the case. The Pro case is strong, waterproof, and lockable. The additional loop can hold a carabiner or a TSA lock. In addition, it is a little deeper, making it possible to store six bottles or a storage net on each side. Pink, Burgundy, Blue, Gray, and Green are all options.

Using a dome label, retailers can even personalize the StashPaks. The interior can also be personalized with laser-cut foam. $50 is required to set up personalization.

Luxe WinePak with Accessory Kit

The Luxe WinePak is a case made of hard plastic that doesn’t leak and has a skid-proof oversold. It can carry up to three bottles of wine or spirits from one location to another. It has two foam separators and a padded universal interior that doesn’t have any specific cutouts so it can fit most bottle shapes and sizes.

The Accessory Kit still has room for up to two bottles of wine or spirits and fits easily inside the case. The accessory kit, which includes two polycarbonate wine glasses, two wine stoppers, and a substantial wine key, is made of high-density foam. The Luxe WinePak is ideal for travel, camping, boating, picnics, park concerts, and beach concerts. A dome label is used for decorating on one side to create an elegant appearance.

Dee Dee and Tom Niedzwiecki were the brilliant creators of all of these fantastic products. They turned a 30-year-old idea into a product, but it took them four years to launch the Luxe TravelPak. Customers can now travel with their own shampoo, soap, lotion, and other personal items in an easier and more effective manner than Dee Dee wanted.

Blowout Sale From LuxePak
Blowout Sale From LuxePak
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