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“Aww”dorable Baby and Toddler Clothes from Doodle Pants

“Aww”dorable Baby and Toddler Clothes from Doodle Pants

There is a good chance that you have come across Doodle Pants if you sell products for children or babies, if you have attended gift trade shows in recent years, or if you just like to look at cute pictures of babies on Instagram. Doodle Pants was founded in 2012 by Lorain Herder after she ran out of clothes for her son. For newborns, the company now makes leggings, shirts, hoodies, bodysuits, dresses, and hooded towels.

Doodle Pants are made to stand out with bright patterns, colorful shapes, and, most importantly, zany characters. Animals, dinosaurs, and monsters with exaggerated features are known as “doodles.” Lorain is of the opinion that, given the appropriate resources, parenting can be made a little bit easier.

“When the person who brings you the most joy or the most crushing despair has a skateboarding dinosaur on their little butt, it’s a lot easier to laugh.” And who could possibly refute that logic? Doodle Pants are the ideal, fun, and useful present for new parents or parents going through the “Terrible Twos.”

New Holiday Collection

According to Lorain, Doodle Pants has a brand-new holiday collection this year that includes six new leggings “that have been really fun.” These leggings include some of the designs that were their most popular last year. Snowflakes, Fair Isle Moose in maroon, royal blue, and grey, as well as prints that make the leggings look like Christmas sweaters, are among the designs.

Llama Drama

Additionally, Lorain has introduced new doodle characters. According to Lorian, llamas appear to be the “it product” and the “trendy animal” of the moment. The outfit includes matching leggings and a top with ears and a tail. Even though it has only been available for a month and a half, we have already received numerous reorders.

Horsing Around

Doodle Pants has added a horse hoodie to their popular horse leggings, in addition to their llama getup and holiday collection, which are both very well received. We’ve added matching tops that people adore. According to Lorain, “People are really happy that we now have more full sets” because customers have been asking for them.

Retailers should be excited about Doodle Pants for a lot more than just the adorable outfits for toddlers that feature one-of-a-kind animal features. You really can’t go wrong with it as a go-to, adorable present for baby showers or birthday parties. Additionally, we offer numerous gender-neutral products. Lorain asserts, “They really are mommy-pleasers.” Nobody we’ve talked to doesn’t think it’s the cutest thing ever.

Products from Doodle Pants are sold at huge discounts. Additionally, Lorain explains, “we’re very flexible with retail clients when it comes to minimums.” You don’t have to buy packs of sizes that don’t sell in your store because you can buy any size you want.

“Aww”dorable Baby and Toddler Clothes from Doodle Pants
“Aww”dorable Baby and Toddler Clothes from Doodle Pants

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