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AR Toys for Kids

AR Toys for Kids

Kids are always looking for the newest and most shiny items they see in stores or advertisements. Some of the toys in this exciting new market are new companies, while others are additions to well-known toys. Augmented Reality (AR) is being used to create brand-new toys and add value to products that are already popular.

Big Names

Lego® is one of these businesses. The packaging for Lego® products has an augmented reality (AR) code on it that, when scanned with an app, shows the finished product. A motion-sensing controller on the PlayStation 3 scans augmented reality (AR) codes on a real book before displaying the book on the user’s television. These are just a few of the many businesses that use augmented reality to improve toys.

Educational AR

While augmented reality enables children to become engaged and learn by utilizing their surroundings, it has always been challenging to get them to focus on learning rather than playing. The Virtuali-Tee, a t-shirt with augmented reality (AR) scanners resembling rib cages, is another product. An application can be opened by the user, which will scan the augmented reality (AR) codes on the t-shirt and provide a view of the human body. Seeing and learning about new things in everyday life can be done in a fun new way with augmented reality (AR).

Coloring in AR

Numerous businesses use augmented reality to improve coloring. Kids can color a page and then scan a code from a company called QuiverVision to make their drawing come to life. This particular coloring book is unique because it includes educational quizzes and games that the user can play with their colored image. In addition, the app accurately reproduces the marks made on the paper and shows the individual coloring the image in real time. Similar features are offered by other providers of coloring books, and there will undoubtedly be additional developments in this sector.


One of the most eagerly awaited augmented reality toys is the SwapBot, which will be available this year. A physical toy’s interchangeable parts can be swapped out and scanned before being displayed on a device. The user then uses augmented reality to play games with other SwapBots. When it comes out, this toy, which lets kids play with their toys in both the real and augmented worlds, is sure to catch the attention of many kids.

Augmented reality is becoming increasingly popular as a tool for children’s education and entertainment, whether they’re coloring or scanning everyday objects. There are currently a lot of toys in the production stage, but there will undoubtedly be more developed in the coming years.

AR Toys for Kids
AR Toys for Kids

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