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Annual Report on the Future of Technology & Media

Annual Report on the Future of Technology & Media

Super Users: The Imperative for Technology & Media Companies

They account for 23% of the population. Companies in the technology and media industries will face a major obstacle in locating and focusing on Super Users, as well as in designing experiences that will allow them to be reached, thereby capturing their time and money.

Social Splinter: The Social Media World Expands

One size no longer fits all. People will shift a lot of their attention and time away from social media and toward smaller networks.

E-commerce: Shrinking the Divide Between Physical & Digital Shopping

Global retail growth will continue to be fueled by e-commerce, which will nearly double to over $6 trillion by 2023. Across the entire customer journey, the digital-to-physical divide will be reduced by e-commerce winners.

Video Gaming: The Next Streaming Battlefront

By 2023, video gaming will surpass the music, film, and subscription video markets all put together to become one of the largest and fastest-growing segments of global media. Cloud gaming and streaming will be the future of gaming, allowing gamers to finally play together globally across all devices: console, PC, and mobile

Sports Betting: The Next Big Financial Trading Market

By 2023, sports betting in the United States will increase from $13 billion to $149 billion.

Networked Body: Quantified & Connected Human

The way we monitor, manage, and enhance our physical fitness will be completely transformed by brand-new digital solutions geared toward consumers. This industry, which will grow to become a $16 billion U.S. market by 2023 thanks to growing interest in wellness, will be driven by this.

Digital Consumer Finance: Next Generation Services Go Mainstream

The online bank Revolut, the insurance company Lemonade, and the lender Affirm are examples of digital-first consumer financial services that will give traditional financial institutions a run for their money. As long as the investor community continues to have a lot of interest, this will be one of the technology sectors with the highest growth rates.

Annual Report on the Future of Technology & Media
Annual Report on the Future of Technology & Media

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