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Alexa, Send Me Customers

Alexa, Send Me Customers

One in five people in the United States has purchased something using a voice-enabled device like a Google Home or Echo Dot. It seems like a small percentage—only 20%—of the population. However, the fact that the number of voice shoppers has increased by more than 10% since the previous year indicates rapid expansion.

Voice technology is being implemented in more homes, which means more customers and, by extension, more households. Since Amazon introduced the Alexa technology approximately four years ago, the company has waged a vigorous campaign to make Alexa an integral part of consumers’ daily lives. Amazon introduced Alexa-enabled microwaves, televisions, security cameras, and even fitness trackers in addition to smartphones and voice assistants. Amazon offers significantly reduced prices on Alexa devices on every major shopping day, including Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Prime Day.

What Are Consumers Buying Via Voice?

The good news is that voice shopping doesn’t seem likely to become widespread for all kinds of products. According to Forbes, meal orders, groceries, electronics, and personal care products are the next most likely items to be purchased using a voice assistant. Only a few people expressed an interest in using voice assistants to purchase travel or apparel. To put it another way, grocery stores and big-box retailers are currently more at risk from voice shopping than fashion shops, gift shops, or boutiques.

What Should Small Businesses Do?

Businesses need to ensure that voice assistants can easily locate their data as voice technology becomes increasingly prevalent. This entails developing an SEO strategy for your website and focusing on relevant product keywords for online businesses. The majority of e-commerce software platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, and WooCommerce, have SEO management tools built in.

Alexa, Send Shoppers To My Store

The visibility of physical small businesses can also be affected as voice technology becomes more widespread. When driving, shoppers, for instance, use voice assistants built into their automobiles to locate nearby coffee shops or gift shops. On their smartphones, others might use Siri to locate a nearby toy store where they can buy a birthday present. Register your business and update your Yelp, Google My Business, and Apple Maps information to remain discoverable.

Voice assistants are used by about 20% of customers to shop for household supplies. However, the majority of these purchases are made by customers who are likely already using Amazon to make these purchases. More people are using Alexa technology to conduct basic research (35 percent), conduct online searches (47 percent), and request directions (34 percent). Therefore, ensure that your online hours, contact information, and product information are current. Instead of stealing sales, Alexa will direct customers to your front door.

Alexa, Send Me Customers
Alexa, Send Me Customers

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