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Affordable Merchandise Made in the USA

Affordable Merchandise Made in the USA

Here is a list of affordable products made in the United States that will help save money on shipping and boost the local economy as retailers continue to look for ways to beat the competition:

Lemon-Scented Odor Removers

The spray, odor-absorbing packs, and gel in this brand-new line of all-natural, plant-based odor removers are all available. In the home and office, these items are ideal for getting rid of everyday odors that won’t go away. Every surface between the three products is covered to provide your customers with a pleasant working and living environment.

Conditioner for Dry Hair

This conditioner is free of silicone and extremely hydrating. It is made with avocado and lavender. It is made specifically to treat dry hair in a number of ways to intensely condition and hydrate dry, brittle locks without weighing them down, to improve hair’s ability to bind and retain moisture, and to soothe strands from the tips to the roots for shiny, soft, and healthy-looking hair.

The Dooloop

The Dooloop is hand-assembled and made in the United States from non-toxic, BPA-free, recycled/recyclable plastic. It also has zero-waste packaging and makes it easy for your customers to walk their dogs. This must-have, hands-free, eco-friendly solution attaches to any leash and carries a bag of doggie “doo” so your customers don’t have to carry it miles to the nearest trash can. obtainable in seven distinct hues.

Enrichment Lick Mats

These Enrichment Mats from SodaPup have suction cups on the back, making them ideal for sticking to the side of the bathtub, the refrigerator, or smooth tile floors—all of which help to calm and soothe dogs. In addition, these mats keep pets occupied, encourage fresh breath, and support healthy teeth and gums. Mandalas, rubber ducks, a whale, and other designs are among the options.

Affordable Merchandise Made in the USA
Affordable Merchandise Made in the USA


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