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A One-Stop-Shop Marketplace for Local Retailers

A One-Stop-Shop Marketplace for Local Retailers

During the pandemic, many retailers used online marketplaces to boost sales and brand recognition. Even though this may seem like a good idea to some businesses, market giants like Amazon make it hard for brands to break into new markets because of the fierce competition and the need for a large advertising budget. Lawler, a one-of-a-kind online marketplace, is making it easier for small businesses to sell their products.

A New Movement to Support the Local Economy

Lawler is a platform that is preparing to launch in the summer of 2021. It will actively promote purchases from local businesses while also providing consumers with a level of variety and convenience comparable to that of other major players like Amazon and Walmart. Lawler, in contrast to the big companies, does not have any warehouses. Instead, it will use the network of local retailers to seamlessly serve customers and encourage them to interact with local businesses.

Danny Zako, the online marketplace’s co-founder, stated, “Ultimately, the idea of Lowkler is that we want it to become a movement.” There are feminists and environmentalists who identify as such, but there is no term for those who support the local economy, which is something we require more than ever in 2021.

For many years, Lowkler has been an evolving concept. Zako’s father ran a neighborhood grocery store that was small but had a lot of success. However, as grocery store chains started opening longer hours, his father’s sales began to decline year after year. We have come to expect variety, accessibility, and ease of use in today’s world, so he contributed to the creation of this one-of-a-kind online marketplace. It only relies on thriving local businesses to power its convenient shopping experience.

How It Works

Lowkler intends to operate in a manner analogous to that of Amazon but exclusively collaborate with local businesses. Customers who want to support independent retailers but are looking for a specific product can find it on the platform without having to worry about it coming from a huge warehouse overseas. A set of three distinct prices will appear after the shopper has completed the search and located the product they are looking for: The initial price, which includes local pickup in the area, will be the lowest; Local delivery is slightly more expensive at the second price; The full cost of shipping from UPS to the customer’s residence is included in the third price.

“When customers create their profile, they can include information about where they live, how they get around, and how far they are willing to travel—in minutes or miles—if they so choose. Zako stated, “This will enable local pickup options to appear under specific products within that parameter.” When merchants sign up to use the platform, they are responsible for informing customers whether their products are available for local pickup, delivery, shipping, or all three.

Lawler will also generate reports of everything that was sold through shipping options at the end of each month and give them to retailers so they can determine which products are most popular in that community. Businesses will be able to adjust their delivery options as a result of this two-way communication system, which aims to perpetuate the cycle and hopefully build a strong and vibrant community.

Easy and Affordable Setup

“We charge a flat 7% commission fee and a 3% payment processing fee for credit cards. Our model is very straightforward. According to Zako, retailers can register as many products as they like for free, and onboarding and support are also completely free. We are making our tools easy to use. An inventory management system and a scanning capability enable us to quickly scan items and upload them to the platform. We want retailers to use our system to manage all of their inventory and products on the platform.

Lawler is getting ready to launch in New York soon. The marketplace will eventually be available all over the country, but they are starting with a small section to ensure that there are enough retailers in the New York area to provide customers with a wide range of product options and not just 12 options in their area. Visit their website at www.Lowkler.com to learn how you can become a seller on their platform if you are a local New York merchant. Keep an eye out for when Lowkler opens in your area if you are not a local merchant in the New York area.

A One-Stop-Shop Marketplace for Local Retailers
A One-Stop-Shop Marketplace for Local Retailers

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