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A New Dawn for Made in USA Products

A New Dawn for Made in USA Products

Every independent retailer is aware that the prosperity of small businesses is crucial to the expansion of the economy. In addition, when we purchase goods produced in the United States, we assist not only the business from which the product was purchased but also the manufacturer and the individuals who are employed there in maintaining their employment.

We’ve got some fantastic made-in-the-USA products for the month of August, which is important for both consumers and independent retailers to contribute to the revival of our economy! Here are some new items to brighten up your store, whether you’re looking for something a little different to add to your made-in-USA section or just starting out in this area:

Plex Shield

Plex Shield is a line of barrier panels that protect businesses in the hospitality, commercial, and retail sectors. They are manufactured in a facility in Missouri. The designs that are currently available include a Desktop Protective Shield, a Front-Mount Protective Shield, a Hanging Protective Shield, and a Hanging Sneeze Guard. Additionally, they are adaptable to any kind of organization.

Camping & RV Wood Plaques

With these wooden plaque signs from SJT Enterprises, you can get your customers excited about their next camping or road trip because it’s camping season. You can also name-drop your company’s name or location for tourists, which are both available in full display racks.

Smog Armor

Smog Armor, the first paint that actually reduces CO2 by as much as 12 trees in any room, can bring the power of nature into any space. It not only aids in air purification, but it is also non-toxic, free of odors, packaged in an eco-friendly way, and has not been tested on animals.

Paint-by-Number Kits

Rachel Austen, a painter from Portland, created elle crée. An 8×10 artist-quality canvas with a pre-printed background, a set of 8 non-toxic acrylic paints, a set of paintbrushes, and instructions are included in each kit, which is designed and manufactured in Portland.

Falsa Tote Bags

These tote bags have an authentic Mexican appearance and are shipped in a variety of colors at a wholesale price of only $3 each.


These concentrated scents eliminate all lingering odors, smell delicious, and last throughout the day. There are 45 scents to choose from, and none of them contain any additional colors or chemicals.

Billy the Goat 3D Hoodie

This hoodie has a fun, one-of-a-kind, and whimsical design that is sure to draw attention wherever you go, and it is made of 100% cotton for the highest level of comfort. The wearer and their friends will have a blast with this.

Angel Heart Candle

A handmade stained glass Angel Seed with an embossed 24kt gold angel is contained within this heart-shaped container. After a few hours have passed since the candle was lit, the angel will be visible for the user to enjoy for the remainder of the burning process. obtainable in a selection of exquisite scents.

Rewined Signature Candles

Each candle has scents that correspond to the wine it comes from and is made from recycled wine bottles. They smell like Cabernet, Champagne, Merlot, and other varieties of wine. Homemade goods are sold at local markets.

Hand-Made Walking Sticks

Who doesn’t enjoy an enjoyable hike in the summer? Furthermore, these individually crafted walking sticks are ideal for taking on a hike and taking in the great outdoors. There are ten different packages for walking sticks.

WOWmazing Giant Bubbles

Best of all, the WOWmazingTM Bubble Wands are fun for the whole family and easy to bring to any event or gathering. There are a lot of different bubble kits, like the Space Edition and the Unicorn Edition, among others.

Deep Penetrating Pain Relief Ointment

For arthritis, colds, sore throats, restless legs, and aching joints, Amish Origins® Medicated Pain Relief Formula allows for a deeper penetration and provides ultra-soothing relief that lasts longer.

Collar Tips

For your western-loving customers, Western Express offers a variety of collar tips. Some come with stones in the middle and are available in silver or gold. Other designs include horseshoes, cowboy boots, and eagles.

Shea Butter Bar Soap

Shea Butter and other natural ingredients make this palm-free bar soap for a truly luxurious, super-moisturizing body wash. The second ingredient, Shea, means that customers will receive up to 25 times more Shea Butter than in other Shea bar soaps. This makes the difference from the very first use.

Salt & Stone Deodorant

Natural deodorant formulated with essential oils to mask underarm odor that lasts for a long time. The skin is hydrated and conditioned by hyaluronic acid, and probiotics aid in eliminating odor. made without alcohol, aluminum, parabens, synthetic fragrances, or colors. There are three scent options.

Ivory Lace Cardigan

The open front of this stunning lace cardigan makes it the ideal summertime accessory for any outfit. Packs of one small, two medium, two large, and one extra large in each color are available.

The Summer Kick Flare

Your customers will be ready to go in no time if you pair these capris with cute summer shoes. Since capris are also great pants for summer and fall, these aren’t going anywhere soon. In the United States, each pair of jeans is made with care by hand.

Leather Belts

Gingerich Leather, a family-owned business in Indiana’s Amish county, produces high-quality leather belts that are appropriate for any occasion. In the production of its high-quality goods, Gingerich makes use of natural skirting leather, which is known to horse riders, Andreas leather, and English leather.

Logo Lollipops

The new business card is a logo lollipop. Sweet Caroline Confections uses your exact logo and branding colors to keep people thinking about your brand long after you meet.

CBD Oil PAWS 30ml

PAWS products are made to help alleviate the effects of normal stress in the environment and to promote mental alertness and relaxation without drowsiness. Clean Remedies uses Full-Spectrum, USDA-certified organic hemp extract that only contains naturally occurring cannabinoids, such as CBD. 350mg and 900mg versions are available.

A New Dawn for Made in USA Products
A New Dawn for Made in USA Products

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