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5 Tips to Boost Ecommerce Conversions

5 Tips to Boost Ecommerce Conversions

From product search to checkout, retailers run the risk of losing a sale at every stage of the e-commerce process.

An increasing trend that boosts conversions is “having all of the information available on the listings page so they can make informed purchases.”

“It is very important for stores to have a checkout with one click.”

In order to prepare for the influx of customers, retailers need to make certain that their websites are in top condition, especially as the holiday shopping season draws closer. Since 75% of consumers buy products using their smartphones, mobile e-commerce experiences are on the agenda for 2022. However, more than 90% of customers believe that the mobile e-commerce experience could be improved.

Customers who shop from their mobile devices expect an easy-to-use and streamlined shopping experience, and retailers run the risk of losing a sale at every stage of the e-commerce process, from product search to checkout. Here are five ways to increase conversion rates to avoid this and increase your chances of acquiring devoted customers during one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year:

Optimize Your Product Listings

According to Gabby Wooden, Tapcart’s Senior Content Marketing Manager, “Consumers are definitely more educated about their purchases and want to make more intentional purchases now.” A growing trend that boosts conversions is making all of the information available on the listings page so that customers can make informed purchases. This gives customers all of the information they need to buy your product and ultimately helps influence that conversion rate if customers have access to customer reviews, size charts, and other features like being able to see if a garment fits other customers by looking at photos.

2. Feature Product Reviews

Along with optimizing product descriptions, Tips to Boost E-commerce Conversions product reviews give customers the right information they need to make an informed purchase. According to Wooden, social proof has a significant impact on conversion rates. Although your website can provide as much information as possible about the particular item, no one can speak objectively about the product like other customers.

95% of consumers, according to Findstack, read online reviews before making a purchase. The buyer will be sufficiently educated to make a purchase if you provide them with reviews from actual customers in addition to the dual representation of your products.

Create a Seamless Checkout Process

According to Shopify data, 70% of carts are abandoned at the checkout, with 18% abandoning their carts as a result of a difficult checkout process. Wooden offers a few suggestions for retailers looking to ensure that their checkout procedures are as simple as possible:

“A one-click checkout and various payment options, such as Klarna and Afterpay, are extremely important for retailers. In the Peak Season Report from Tapcart, 50% of shoppers in the United States stated that they would be less likely to make a purchase online if the entire checkout process took longer than 30 seconds. Tips to Boost Ecommerce Conversions Customers don’t have to spend time filling out fields like addresses and other things that can slow down the process by having features like one-click checkout. Your conversion rates will rise if you give them the option to complete their purchase without having to pause,” Wooden stated.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Merchants that allow customers to pay with digital wallets, buy now, pay later plans, and other APMs stand to increase their conversion rates because consumers are using alternative payment methods (APMs) in greater numbers than ever before. This not only contributes to the creation of a checkout experience that is both faster and more seamless, but it also gives the customer the opportunity to select the option that best suits them and their current financial situation, thereby increasing conversion rates.

Utilize Push Notifications

Customers can be notified and reengaged in a cost-free and efficient manner with push notifications. According to Tapcart data, retailers who use push notifications can see an overall increase in sales of up to 10%.

“The fact that push notifications are owned marketing channels is one of my favorite reasons why they are currently a very favorable sales and marketing channel for retailers to implement. Wooden stated, “You do not need to pay for third-party access to your audience.” To power targeted message campaigns to bring back previous customers, many retailers are relying on third parties like Facebook and Instagram, but these are becoming increasingly expensive. Additionally, their performance has diminished.

Retailers can access customers without a third party through push notifications, which guarantee visibility because they are sent directly to their phones. They are a great and efficient way to keep your brand in the minds of customers who have expressed interest in it.

An emerging trend in all product categories, Tips to Boost Ecommerce Conversions including fashion and apparel, beauty and cosmetics, home and fitness, and food and drinks, is making online purchases through phone apps. Over 1,000 respondents to the Tapcart survey said that shopping with a retailer’s app on their phone was their preferred method. If you don’t already have an app, now is a great time to get one before the busy holiday shopping season, and then use these suggestions to help increase conversion rates.

5 Tips to Boost Ecommerce Conversions

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